St. Croix Legal Services is a Minnesota non-profit law firm that provides high-quality legal services exclusively pro bono or on an income-based, sliding fee scale for individuals and families of modest means.  In addition to our primary goal of providing access to the legal system, we are dedicated to developing and supporting programs and policies designed to close the “justice gap” on state and national levels.  


St. Croix Legal Services was designed to serve low and middle-income individuals and families in the St. Croix Valley area in Minnesota. We are currently in the process of incorporating as a non-profit, with the goal of providing pro bono and "low bono" legal services at a fraction of the cost of most firms.

The legal process shouldn't only be available for those who can afford hourly rates that range from $300-$500 per hour.  At St. Croix Legal Services, our goal is to help improve the community by providing access to justice for everyone.  We are able to provide high-quality legal services at less than half the cost of traditional firms.

We Care

We know it's never fun calling a lawyer.  It can sometimes involve one of the most stressful situations of your life.  But with St. Croix Legal, you are not alone.  Every story is unique, and your lawyer will care enough about your case to listen and help you plan the best strategy for moving forward.

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